Survey Proposals

Surveys are a useful means of gathering information. Factual information and knowledge base should be accessible by other means, and BESS surveys should only be used to supplement that, or to survey the membership’s perceptions / attitudes /opinions on management of certain conditions. Other forms of surveys that would be highly topical and relevant to the needs of patients and / or the NHS would also be appropriate.

Surveys are often conducted to inform future research design, more specifically to aid in grant applications for specific areas of clinical research. Surveys designed for this specific purpose will be encouraged, as it will help promote BESS as a research network.

The topic of the survey should be as specific as possible, and the questionnaire designed appropriately to extract the information required on the topic. The questions should be unambiguous and consistently easy to understand. Using clinical scenario-based questions tend to elicit better response rates.

The links opposite provide useful guidance on how to construct a good survey questionnaire.

Application Process

Your application should be submitted by 31 October each year. The committee then chooses up to three surveys to be circulated among the BESS membership. Any survey received after 31 October each year will not be eligible until the following year.

All applications are submitted to the BESS office at

Before submitting your survey proposal please read the guidance found to the right under 'useful links'.