NIHR good clinical practice e-learning

The NIHR Clinical Research Network Good Clinical Practice (GCP) e-learning course is designed to provide an introduction to GCP, EU Directives, UK Regulations and Research Governance Framework requirements covering clinical trials conducted within the NHS. It has been specifically designed to focus on the practical application of Good Clinical Practice in the conduct of research in the NHS and is aimed at people who are recruiting participants and gathering study data in local research sites, including Principal Investigators.

The e-learning has a practical focus, with the key aim that participants know what to do to practice excellent GCP when they return to their workplace to ensure the rights, safety and well-being of patients and the quality of the research data. Following the course, participants will have a demonstrable understanding of the background and practical implications of GCP. This understanding is intended to be a foundation for action, bridging the gap between theory and practice in their places of work.