The following letter to members forms part of a three page document on Procedural Audits.  The full document can be downloaded here.

Dear BESS Member


This document is in response to the request of some members and the BOA’s request that the Speciality Societies provide some audit recommendations to their members.
The BESS Research Committee and BESS Council suggest that members consider the following audit recommendations called BPA’s (BESS Procedure Audits). 
While the collection of audit data may become centrally mandated in the future, at present, surgeons will likely be required to provide audit data for their future revalidation. There is however NO central funding resource available to collect non-arthroplasty patient outcomes. It will therefore be up to individual surgeons to collect their own data or negotiate this process and any support with their individual Trusts.
The BOA is exploring the use, costs and function of non-arthroplasty registries. BESS will engage as opportunities arise and explore ways it may be able to help members collect PROMS data. The Oxford Scores are recommended due to their acceptance by the National PROMS programme, NJR and the advantage their high postal return rates offer.
BESS would recommend considering at least one audit per annum. 
Yours sincerely,
BESS Council and BESS Research Committee