BESS awarded prizes

During the annual scientific meeting, the Education Committee judges every paper and poster and awards prizes according to strict criteria. Below is a list of our awards and the latest recipients details:

  • The Lipmann-Kessel prize - awarded to the presenter of the best paper.

(2017, Coventry) Accelerated rehabilitation protocol following reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. A new concept: E Fawzy; P Consigliere; J Lee; C Witney-Lagen; L Natera; J Bruguera; G Sforza; E Atoun; O Levy

  • The Ian Kelly prize - awarded to the presenter of the second highest scoring paper.

(2017, Coventry) The combined shoulder assessment: A convenient method for obtaining equivalent outcome scores: E Torrance; L Hallam; AC Watts; M Walton; P Monga; L Funk

  • The Paul Calvert Endeavour prize - awarded to the presenter of the best paper from either a small institution or one with no established shoulder fellow.

(2017, Coventry) Do computerised exercise games (exergames) address physiotherapy goals in shoulder rehabilitation? E Ani; W Marley; J Wilson; A Barratt; R Davies; B Roy

  • The AHP prize - awarded to the presenter of the best AHP paper.

(2017, Coventry) The role of pain sensitisation in young adults with shoulder pain: M Clarke; C Gilsenan; H Mullet; C Doody

  • The Poster prize - awarded to the best poster.

(2017, Coventry) Dynamic stability assessment of pegged glenoid component after total shoulder arthroplasty using radiostereometry: M Downing; K Kumar; D Cairns; G Ashcroft